10 Reasons why Biden Must Lose & Trump Re-elected in 2024

President Biden is one of the worst presidents ever, and needs to go in 2024.

Biden has been a terrible president and needs to go.

Biden was never fit to be president. He is a career politician with no real accomplishments outside of being vice president for eight years. His time as VP was marked by scandal and controversy, and he has done nothing to improve his image since becoming president.

In fact, he has only made things worse.

He has failed on his policy promises, been embroiled in controversies, and his son Hunter has been involved in criminal activity.

Biden’s policy failures are numerous.

He promised to unite the country but has only divided it further. He promised to bring back jobs but millions of Americans are still out of work.

He promised to end the pandemic but it is still raging on under his watch.

His policies have failed and he needs to be held accountable.

The controversies surrounding Biden are also damning. His son Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine, China, and other countries is a massive conflict of interest.

His involvement in the Burisma scandal is also troubling.

And his son’s drug addiction problems are well-documented. Biden has not been transparent about any of these issues and it is clear that he is hiding something.

Biden’s son Hunter is also embroiled in criminal activity. They are a corrupt family and Joe Biden is at the head of it all.

10 Reasons Why Biden Is A Bad President And Needs To Lose To Trump in 2024


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